Zayn Malik reveals the REAL reason he went bald

We’re dying to know…

Zayn Malik shocked fans recently by appearing in a photo on Instagram with NO HAIR AT ALL.

Of course, this triggered a frenzy from fans online – some shocked, some sad, others trying to figure out the reason behind Zayn’s dramatic new look.

But now all speculation can end, as Zayn revealed the real reason why he shaved all his hair off.

Drumroll please…

Speaking to Scott Mills on BBC Radio 1, Zayn admitted: “I just shaved my head because I’d bleached it too many times and it was a bit destroyed. The bleach effects your hair doesn’t it so you’ve got to shave it off.”

But he told fans not to worry – he’s already growing it back.

He said: “It grows back straight away anyways, so I’ve got hair now anyway, it only took two days!”

Zayn bared his bald head for the first time in an Instagram post on his mum’s Facebook page, alongside girlfriend Gigi Hadid.

This isn’t the first time Zayn has tried out a new look – in the past his hair’s been fully blonde, pink for Valentine’s Day, and even GREEN back in 2015.

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