WATCH: Cole Sprouse Say ‘I Love You’ to KJ Apa

Love is in the air for Riverdale star Cole Sprouse. At least, between himself and his co-star KJ Apa. However, the love between them is not necessarily the romantic kind. Regardless, the declaration of love is clear thanks to a recent compliment battle between the two.

Cole Sprouse Loves KJ Apa

As the Teen Vogue video reveals, the two Riverdale stars compete against one another in a battle of compliments. They partake in such challenge by reading out tweets addressed to each other. Though the initial declarations are met with giggles, Sprouse shares that he had already informed Apa of his love for him once before. The video continues with the two actors throwing other affectionate comments at each other. This prompts even more fits of laughter shared between the two.

Cole Sprouse on Riverdale

As some may be aware, Sprouse portrays the character Jughead Jones on the teen drama television series, Riverdale. Though he may be a secondary character next to Apa, who portrays protagonist Archie Andrews, Sprouse garners quite the attention with the show. Granted, he is no stranger to fame, having shared the limelight in his younger years with his twin brother Dylan. Some viewers may already be familiar with Sprouse and his twin as they were former Disney stars on the network’s The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Now 24-years-old, times have clearly changed for Sprouse since his Disney-filled childhood. The actor shares that the industry has seen a shift compared to when he first started off. He cites the emergence of social media as one major factor in bringing forth such a change.

“[Fame] feels new to be honest,” he reveals. “I mean, every project — I took a big break away from it. The entire industry has changed dramatically. Social media is probably the greatest example of the real difference. When I left Disney, we didn’t have Twitter or anything like that. So now it feels brand new. To me, it’s probably just as imposing or intimidating or exciting as it is to the rest of the cast.”

To recount, Sprouse and his brother previously took a break from acting some years ago. This was in their effort to focus on their college lives. As such, Sprouse’s involvement in Riverdale marks his return to the industry and, subsequently, his comeback to so much publicity and attention. Besides Apa, Sprouse shares the small screen with Lili Reinhart and Camila Mendes. The two actresses portray Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge on Riverdale, respectively.

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