Meet RoadTripTV


Andy, Rye, Brooklyn & Mikey are Road Trip.

The four piece have amassed a big following online and are SO nice to their fans. Andy was the first to join, followed by Rye, and Brooklyn and Mikey. With more than 800,000 subscribers on youtube and 300,000 followers on Instagram.

The Group, formed in 2015 has more than 200MM total views across youtube, and slowly becoming one of the top searched pages.

RoadTripTV garnered their fan base; affectionally referred to as ‘roadies’. By doing parody videos as well as covering popular music. As well as being linked to mega social media star Cameron Dallas and Shawn Mendes.

Are you a #TrueRoadie? Here are some fun facts

Brooklyn likes peanut butter and jelly sandwichs.

Rye celebrated his birthday earlier this on (24th Jan) and enjoyed CAKE!!!

Mikey joked recently that he is engaged to Brooklyn!

Andy, Rye and Brooklyn hate spiders.

RTTV is coming out at 7:30pm every Sunday on their youtube channel.

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