‘Riverdale’ Star Cole Sprouse is Rude to Fans at Coachella 2017

A certain British vlogger reveals that Riverdale cast member and star Cole Sprouse was quite rude to her at this year’s Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. YouTuber and star Roxxsaurus bumped into the 24-year-old Disney star at the music festival and dishes on what went down during the encounter.

YouTube star Roxi’s “bad experiences” at Coachella 2017

In a vlog titled MY BAD EXPERIENCES WITH CELEBRITIES AT COACHELLA 😭 shared on April 16, 2017, Roksana Janiszewska reveals that the Jughead Jones actor just walked away from her and she found that to be quite rude of him. In the video found at the end of this piece, viewers will follow Roxxsaurus’ day as she prepares for Coachella.

It begins with an introduction, with her mentioning how excited she is for the annual music festival. She features what she’s having for breakfast and makes mention of what look she’s going for being the makeup and fashion-related vlogger that she is. Snippets of her experience at Coachella were featured in the video, as well as her search for some of the stars she saw in the VIP area.

Roxi on Ashley Tisdale

Fast forward towards the latter part of the video, she dishes on what it was like meeting Ashley Tisdale and Cole Sprouse. She explains that they were all in the VIP area and mentions that she loved The Suite Life of Zack & Cody growing up. She first talks about her experience with the 31-year-old actress and singer. “Hi, Ashley. Can I get a photo with you?” asks the YouTube star. To that Tisdale responds, “Uhm… yeah, but really quick.”

Roxi notes that Tisdale’s response came with quite a “really mean” tone which the vlogger found to be “a little bit rude.” She mentions that Tisdale’s Madeline Margaret Genevieve Miranda Catherine “Maddie” Fitzpatrick was her favorite character on the Disney show. The YouTuber then goes on, while seemingly quite disappointed that Tisdale was “not that nice in person,” to talk about her encounter with Sprouse.

Roxi on Cole Sprouse

At around 13:35 in the video, Janiszewska says Cole Sprouse was “okay” and adds that “he didn’t really say much.” She asked him the same question she asked Tisdale and his response was, “Yeah, sure.” Roxi says that was fine; however, her concern is what happened after their photo was taken.

She mentions that she said, “Oh, hey, it was nice meeting you … thanks for the photo.” But then the actor didn’t respond. In fact, he just walked off. Roxi notes that perhaps Cole was just “annoyed at people taking photos with him all the time,” especially that it was already late into the night when she caught him.

The British YouTube star notes that if it was her, she would never just walk off. Quite often, people would go up to her and ask for photos, and she’s “really, really happy to take them.” Even though she isn’t a “huge celebrity” or anything, Roxi feels as if even though one is, “it shouldn’t really change how you react to people wanting to take photos or make conversation with you.”

She ends the video with remarks that she was “super happy” to get the photos anyway. She adds that she doesn’t know whether she likes them in person or not. Her experience with the celebrities did, in fact, quite ruin her childhood “a little bit.”

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