Rihanna Supports Drake Following Layla Lace Pregnancy Drama

In the midst of the Layla Lace pregnancy drama, Rihanna and Drake seems to be united even if they are no longer a couple. It turns out that the Diamonds singer still cares for her Canadian rapper ex-boyfriend .

Rihanna and Drake Still Friends After All

Ex-stripper and Instagram model Layla Lace made headlines after claiming that Drake got her pregnant. And whether or not Lace is telling the truth, it turns out that Rihanna is bothered by the scandal that her former boyfriend is entangled in. According to Hollywood Life, a source has revealed that Riri felt embarrassed when she learned of Lace’s allegations.

The source said, “She’ll always have love and a soft spot for Drake, so the news still bothered her a bit. Rihanna knows he can be a player, but doesn’t believe any of the accusations. She’s totally Team Drake on this one!”

At least the Work singer sympathizes with her fellow artist and ex even if they did not make it as couple. Rihanna reportedly wants to help the 30-year-old rapper through this.

Layla Lace has already made her Instagram private. But prior to this, she had publicly called out the Hotline Bling singer and his friend, Gayson Kewley, who goes by the name DJ Spade. She has also shared snaps of her positive pregnancy test results. She even shared a screenshot of her alleged conversations with Drizzy, which some people deem to be fake.

Faking: Who is and Who is Not?

As previously reported, DJ Spade or Kewley had exposed Layla Lace as a fraud in an Instagram post. The post shows a screenshot of a supposed private conversation between the model and the Kewley.

Based on the supposed their exchange, DJ Spade had asked Lace what she would do if people found out she was just making it all up. It appears that Lace does not care about being called a liar as she would have made money out of the publicity by then.

Yet, the pregnancy drama is far from over. There is a chance that the post by Kewley might also be all made up. According to Jezebel, Lace is likewise calling Kewley’s screenshot “fake” and she could be right. What makes this a fair argument is that in this day and age, faking DMs is very possible using a software like Photoshop.

In summary, this can go either way. If Drake’s camp or Lace’s were to prove something, it would take more than just screen grabs. Or maybe Drizzy should just sit this one out and let the issue fizzle out on its own if he is innocent. And at least Rihanna and Drake need not argue on this.

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