Rihanna Pregnant with Drake or Chris Brown’s Baby? Rumors Debunked!

Recent snaps of the superstar stirred everyone into the “Rihanna Pregnant” talks on social media, with some suggesting that Drake or Chris Brown might be the possible baby daddy. Fans made the speculations after the star went out wearing an off the shoulder, oversized get-up on Saturday night out in New York.

After the photo made rounds on the internet, many asserted that the 29-year-old singer is hiding her baby bump under a baggy outfit. They noticed that she might be concealing something since her oversized clothes are out of the ordinary for her. Adding fuel to the fire, media men spotted her carrying a large purse right in front of her tummy area.

Is Rihanna Pregnant With Her First Baby?

Several remarks in the Instagram photo display fans wondering whether the singer is expecting her first child. Some outlets also played with the rumors by guessing about the baby daddy but never confirmed the pregnancy. Others stated that the snap showed RiRi’s “glowing” appearance, and commented that she appears to be sporting a fuller physique than her normal svelte figure. You may view the image below.

However, a certain publication’s source revealed: “Rihanna isn’t pregnant, sorry to disappoint everyone, but, nope. She has something going on, but it’s private.” The insider continued, “The speculation is tough for Rihanna. But, she knows she’ll be back to her regular self soon enough.”

Another source in Cannes told the publication that they saw the songstress enjoying some champagne at the party this week, giving more proof that the “Rihanna Pregnant” rumors are not true. Some of her followers are still rooting for pregnancy, but others simply stop putting more fuel into the fire.

Rihanna Allegedly Carries Drake or Chris Brown’s Baby!

Meanwhile, a certain new outlet suggested that Drake or Chris Brown could be the father of RiRi’s baby if ever the rumors are true. The website alleged there was a period when the singer “was going back and forth between” the two artists, so it is “hard to keep track” of who the daddy might be.

To make the situation worse, a so-called source revealed that if Drake turns out to be the baby daddy, it “definitely complicates things because Rihanna can’t stand him.” The repeatedly discredited publication went on to surmise that if Brown was the father, the situation “would actually work out pretty well” since the two “have maintained a great and flirty friendship over the years.”

Nevertheless, Gossip Cop checked in with a reliable source close the songstress and assured that the “Rihanna Pregnant” rumors are simply not true. The assertion that either Brown or Drake could be the father of the baby is also entirely bogus. Readers should then take these claims with a grain of salt.


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