Have Zayn Malik and PARTYNEXTDOOR had a big fall out?


Zayn Malik and PARTYNEXTDOOR’s Still Got Time‘s our JAM rn; but it seems the pair could have some beef behind-the-scenes after PARTYNEXTDOOR unfollowed and deleted all trace of Zayn from his social media.

Yup – the pair were all pally-pally up until the release of their collab, promoting it on their respective accounts and, y’know, acknowledging each other with a tag or two. All seemed good in the hood, until PARTY (real name Jahron Anthony Brathwaite, just FYI) unfollowed Zayn on Twitter and Instagram, erased any mention of the single and deleted all remixes from Spotify.

Oh gahd.

PARTYNEXTDOOR fans are speculating he wasn’t happy with the single’s chart position and might’ve expected more from the high-profile collab (it reached number 24 in the official UK chart); with many wondering what the hell’s ging down with Zayn’s professional relationships.

One fan tweeted: “Why does everyone who gets associated with zayn ends up unfollowing and technically hating him? I mean kehlani partynextdoor naughty boy?”

You might remember Zayn teamed up with US singer Kehlani on his Mind of Mine album track wRoNg and Naughty Boy on loads of unreleased material back in Zayn’s One Direction days. Neither of those ended particularly well and some major fall-outs ensued. Gah.

Not ideal.

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