Harry Styles Dating ‘Naked Diet’ Chef Tess Ward, ‘There was Instant Spark’

Recent reports state that Harry Styles is romantically involved with Naked Diet chef Tess Ward. In fact, Styles may actually be in love with his new girlfriend. Styles has been quite busy recording his debut album and a world tour is also upcoming.

Styles And Tess Ward In Love?

While being absolutely busy with his forthcoming debut album and preparing for his world tour, Styles has found time for romance. Sources said that the former One Direction singer is currently dating The Naked Diet chef and blogger.

A source recently commented about Harry Styles’ new relationship. The source stated that the couple met with the help of mutual friends. At the very first moment, everything matched, said the source. The insider stressed that as soon as Styles came across Tess, an instant spark ignited between them.

According to Hollywood Reporter, the relationship is quite hot. The insider continued to state that the two actually gelled up over their same understanding and love for quirky fashion and food. After they bonded, things started becoming romantic in no time, the source noted.

Furthermore, the insider said that Styles and Ward have been on a number of dates. Most significantly, this new relationship is something entirely distinct from the singer’s past involvements. This is because Harry is honestly “besotted” with Tess. He will do whatever it takes to keep this relationship from getting messed up, said the insider.

The singer was seen driving through London in his Audi. Ward was also present inside the car with Styles. This was their first public appearance together. While driving, the former One Direction singer was talking on his cell phone which is prohibited. This can lead to a $259 fine in London.

Despite Styles’ former messed up relationships, the singer seems quite optimistic about this new relationship. Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner are among his former girlfriends.

Who Is Tess Ward?

Other than being Harry Styles’s present rumored girlfriend, Ward is quite famous. She is known for her exceptional fashion style and her radiant approach in cooking. According to E! Online, apart from Styles, Ward isin love with food.

She is always showcasing dishes she is consuming. This can come from anywhere – while traveling to a new city, while dining at a restaurant, or while cooking something in her own kitchen. Ward released her first cookbook titled The Naked Diet. The book contains recipes which will guide readers to cook in new ways for a different eating experience.

“Delicious dishes, stripped back to their basic essentials, for simple everyday cooking,” Tess posted on her website. “These are exciting recipes that will give you tons of energy, get you excited about food and cleanse your body.”

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