Emma Stone Versus Anxiety

I don’t understand how attractive women could have anxiety. Or how someone seven years of age could suffer from it. The list of problems anyone under the age of ten has to deal with are very short. Unless your last name is Sandusky, but that’s another story for another day. Emma Stone opened up in an interview with Stephen Colbert about her anxiety induced panic attacks as a child. She’s 28 now so she just missed the pop a pill to fix your problems generation of kids that came after her. The best life had to offer at her age growing up was Flintstones vitamins and a coloring book. She was able to attend therapy for her anxiety. I can just imagine the therapy conversations about all of the possibilities for her brand new box of 64 shade Crayola crayons to become intertwined with the underprivileged kid’s Rose Art crayons at school. And then not being able to locate the seventh unnecessary interpretation of the shade blue to put back in the box before the school bell rings. That’s real stress.

“I was a very, very anxious child and I had a lot of panic attacks. I benefited in a big way from therapy – I started it at seven. “Acting and improvisation helped me so much.” This is not the first time Stone has spoken about her problems with anxiety; she was part of a campaign with charity Child Mind Institute in May.

She’s gotten her anxiety under control so well that she’s been able to integrate into Hollywood without much of a hiccup. Every other actress already takes Xanax just to get the day started so Emma fit right in. She’s very talented and very attractive. As long as she doesn’t read the inevitably mean comments that have just enough facts wrapped in negativity to ruin anyone’s self-esteem for the remainder of the day she’ll have nothing to worry about.

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