Did Zayn Malik Just Confirm Getting Back Together With Gigi Hadid?

The one question everyone asks when it comes to Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid is: “Are they back together?”


After their highly publicized break up a few months back, these two have been spotted hanging out together again.


In a recent interview with GQ, Zayn dishes on the status of their relationship. “We’re still really good friends, and we’re still in contact,” he says. “No bad blood.”


He even talks about some of the things they still do together – like going to the farm and riding horses together. “I looked like a complete idiot and she looked like a complete professional,” he recalled about their riding escapade.


So what do all their recent time together mean? “We’re adults. We don’t need to put a label on it, make it something for people’s expectations.”



But he does admit that Gigi is the yin to his yang – “I had a very negative outlook on things. That might have been adolescence or testosterone or whatever the fuck was running through my body at the time,” he says. “She’s helped me to look at things from a positive angle.”

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Gigi is even helping him out with his new album, supporting him and helping him get organized, saying she’s really good with dates.


But when the word “dates” was misheard as “debts” during the interview, Zayn was quick to clarify. “No, no. Dates. She doesn’t handle my finances yet,” he says. “We’ll get to that eventually.”


Hang on. Two words just blipped on our radar – “yet” and “eventually.” And handling finances are a huge deal. So what is he getting at, exactly?


Looks like it’s time to get to shipping these two again (if you’re not already)! And it seems like it’s headed toward a more serious direction too!

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