Cole Sprouse Instagram was Hacked and Deleted! ‘Riverdale’ Fans Mourn

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It’s a sad, sad day for Cole Sprouse fans everywhere. The Riverdale star now suffers a loss in the form of his Instagram account being hacked and ultimately deleted. As some fans may know, Sprouse boasts three accounts on the social media platform. So which account in particular faced the unfortunate fate of ceasing to exist?

Hackers Delete Cole Sprouse Instagram Account

Reports reveal that Sprouse’s Instagram account called Sprouse Masterworks was the unlucky victim of the incident. This account, in particular, pertains to art made by fans which Sprouse curated himself.

The loss of Sprouse Masterworks leaves fans devastated. The very idea that Sprouse keeps art sent by fans shows just how much he appreciates such efforts being sent his way. While there is still the option to create a new Sprouse Masterworks account, the damage done still reverberates within the Sprouse fan circles.

Other Cole Sprouse Instagram Accounts

Though Sprouse Masterworks is gone (but never forgotten), all hope is not lost for the Sprouse twin on Instagram. He still has another account called “camera_duels.” This involves Sprouse sneakily taking snapshots of other people who are caught in their attempts to photograph Sprouse himself. On the other hand, there is also Sprouse’s photography account. This is arguably his main Instagram account where he shares his stunning photography online.

It is Sprouse’s photography account that showcases his skills behind the camera instead of in front of it. The actor not only photographs the likes of model Kendal Jenner, he also chooses to take pictures of his other Riverdale co-stars. Real-life Archie, KJ Apa, is one of Sprouse’s photography subjects, as his Instagram account reveals.

Another of his Riverdale models is Lili Reinhart, who portrays Betty on the show. Notably, Reinhart and Sprouse are rumored to be dating. Not only do Sprouse’s photographs of Reinhart evidence such speculations, the two stars are consistently spotted together in public.

Moreover, both Reinhart and Sprouse often show up in each other’s social media posts. Despite such alleged pieces of evidence, the supposed dating news has yet to be confirmed by neither Sprouse nor Reinhart.

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