Camila Mendes Says She’s Sick Of The “Toxic Narrative” Surrounding Dieting

In an Instagram post on the 19th of February, Camila Mendes opened up about her struggle with dieting once again. The actress revealed she is done occupying herself with something which rarely contributes anything to her life.

The Riverdale star asked if being thin has anything to do with health and fitness? The actress revealed she had spoken with a naturopath for the first time and said she discussed anxiety related to dieting and nutrition.

The naturopath asked her if it was worth it to be thinking about dieting constantly or was it worth the effort to obsess over food every day?

Mendes stated she refuses to allow dieting to control her life for any longer. Her anxiety surrounding food replaced all of her other passions including cinema, music, theater, and education. It becomes an all-encompassing and all-consuming way of life that was negative down to its core.

It became a burden, rather than a benefit. The actress encouraged her six million Instagram followers to join her on a diet-less lifestyle. She stated, “I’m sick of the toxic narrative” surrounding food and the size of women’s bodies.

As you may know, this isn’t the first time Camila has spoken about Hollywood and its capacity for glamorizing the thin-stereotype.

Back in 2017, October, Mendes revealed she became involved with Project HEAL, dedicated to ridding the world of eating disorders.

The Riverdale star stated watching her sister grow up with the illness inspired her to make the changes necessary for her to be happy today. In case you didn’t know, the organization provides financial and emotional support for those who suffer from eating disorders and campaigns on social media for women and girls to open up about their stories.

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