Are Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson Already Married? Why His VMAs Bracelet Has Fans Freaking

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are sparking rumors they’re already husband and wife. Blame it on the bracelet he wore to the VMAs on Aug. 20. Oh, and Camila Cabello’s cheeky comment!

Did Ariana Grande, 25, and Pete Davidson, 24, secretly get married without telling anyone? Ari’s fans were freaking out on Aug. 20 after the couple stepped onto the red carpet at the MTV Video Music Awards in New York. So what caught everyone’s eyes and setoff a frenzied response on Twitter? That would be the beaded bracelet Pete wore around his right-hand wrist. Three of the beads strung together featured the initials “AGD.” What could that possibly stand for? Yep, her fans think it stands for “Ariana Grande Davidson.”

The reaction on Twitter was swift. One fan shared a photo of Pete, Ariana and the bracelet, writing, “YALL PETES [sic] BRACELET ‘AGD’ Ariana Grande-Davidson yoooooo @ArianaGrandeTHATS [sic] CUTE ASF.” Another fan wrote, “His bracelet says ‘AGD’ for Ariana Grande-Davidson???” Yet another fan wrote, “Ariana Grande secretly married Pete Davidson and they used plastic beads instead of a rings: a conspiracy theory.”

If Pete’s beads weren’t enough to send Twitter into a meltdown Camila Cabello’s comments just added fuel to the fire. When the 21-year-old took to the Radio City Music Hall stage to collect her Moon Man for Artist of the Year she thanked her “wife…and Pete’s,” Ariana! Clearly fans loved that moment too. One person gushed on Twitter, “Camila shouting out Ariana while saying ‘my wife & Pete’s’ IS THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE NIGHT.”

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Yes, but does that mean Ariana and Pete are already married? That’s the question on everyone’s lips. One person who would obviously know is her older brother, Frankie Grande, 35. The dancer chatted to Variety about his sister’s wedding plans on the VMAs red carpet. Asked if he’s helping to plan her wedding, he said, “Of course I am. Yeah, I’m her gay brother. You can’t keep me away from wedding planning.” He added, “I want it to be a reflection of her. So I want to keep it as Ariana as humanly possible. Probably very lavender… A lot of lavender tones and clouds.” So, if Pete and Ariana are already married, somebody needs to tell Frankie, fast!

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