Angelina Jolie Is Fed Up With The Constant Body Shaming Amid Hectic Brad Pitt Divorce

Could it be that Angelina Jolie is feeling the pressure and stress caused by her divorce drama?

Several media outlets have reported that since being separated from Brad Pitt, the actress and humanitarian has unwillingly shed a lot of weight.

Jolie is said to weigh fewer than one hundred pounds most likely due to lack of sleep and the public drama surrounding the custody battle over the children.

It was revealed via Star Magazine: “Angie has stopped eating almost entirely and has now shriveled down to 76 pounds. Angie’s an emotional and physical wreck — and she’s on the verge of collapse! She’s practically living on ice cubes, and she’s so anorexic her skin is sagging, and her bones are almost breaking. She needs help, and fast.”

A source told Hollywood Life that Jolie is focusing on her family and is fed up with the body shaming.

The insider told the publication: “Angelina tries not to pay attention to what people say about her. She always tells her kids that what other people think about them is none of their business and she does her best to keep that mindset herself. But when people are attacking her over her weight, it is very hard not to take it. Personally, it hurts.”

The pal went on to reveal: “It upsetting when people body shame her and make assumptions about her health when they have no idea what her health is like. She swears she feels fine and that there’s no reason to worry about her. She keeps up with her six kids and as far as she’s concerned that’s proof that her health and weight are just fine.”

The source close to the actress added: “Being there and present for her kids is all that really matters to her so she mostly just ignores this kind of talk. But she does wish people could practice more kindness and be less judgmental.”

In the past few weeks, Jolie was seen looking happy as she shopped with her children — Maddox, Zahara, Pax, Knox, Vivienne, and Shiloh — and appeared delighted with them despite the reports around the hectic divorce.

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