7 Makeup Organizing Hacks That Your Favorite Beauty Bloggers Actually Use

When it comes to makeup storage, sometimes you have to get creative. Whether it’s finding space in a tiny apartment with a tiny bathroom or just hating the way some of those acrylic drawers look, creativity is key. These 7 makeup organizing hacks are here to help you out, and the best part? They’re approved by some of your favorite beauty gurus.

From using unexpected items as storage to how to make something look great in your place that maybe seems like a far fetched on a shelf, makeup storage doesn’t have to be all about clear shelves and shoving things into a drawer.

How exactly do people know what beauty gurus use to store their makeup? That’s the beautiful thing about the internet and beauty gurus. They love to share. They are on YouTube after all. As it turns out, beauty guru’s beauty room tours are pretty popular, and they’re also filled with ideas on how to create storage for your makeup.

Whether you’re a full on junkie who needs an entire beauty room (if so, lucky you), or you’re just looking for a few quick items that’ll help you spruce up your space, gurus’ beauty rooms can provide a lot of knowledge on more than just how to get a perfect winged eyeliner.

What out of the box hacks can you use to organize your beauty collection? The shopping world is your oyster as it turns out.

1. Pencil Holders

Threshold Ceramic Cup Pencil Holder Tricket Dish



Beauty guru Jaclyn Hill uses this trick in her old beauty room tour. While Hill has since moved to a new home (and not done an updated tour), it’s probably still safe to assume that she’s down with using pencil holders as a home for makeup brushes. Plus, how cute are these fluttery lashes on these pencil holders.

Jaclyn Hill on YouTube

2. Shoe Organizer

The Container Store Premium Stackable Tall Shoe Bin


The Container Store

Sounds weird right, but once you think about it, it’ll make total sense. Not only are you able to see all of your products inside, but they’re stackable. If you’ve got a huge collection theses are ideal. Plus, because these are shoe containers, they’re tall and perfect for items that sit up right like foundation. Thanks for the idea, Desi Perkins!

Desi Perkins on YouTube

3. Envelope Holder

Artistic Urban Collection Punched Metal Letter Sorter



Palettes come in all shapes and sizes, and that’s why a letter holder is perfect for them. From the rectangular shape of Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes to the sometimes ultra-large palettes of Morphe, a letter hold lets you organize your palettes in a fun way.

KathleenLights on YouTube

4. Cake Stand

Kate Aspen Party Time Gold Glitter Acrylic Cake Stand



While Kathleen Lights uses a tray in her video, she still uses a non-beauty specific object to store her perfumes, and another option is a cake stand. This glittering one from Target would look perfect on any vanity.

KathleenLights on YouTube

5. Drawer Units

Ikea Alex Drawer Unit with 9 Drawers



Have you ever watched a beauty room tour without seeing an Alex 9 drawer? Probably not. While these drawers weren’t specifically designed for makeup storage, tons of gurus swear by them to store everything from foundations to palettes to setting sprays.

Allie Glines on YouTube

6. Mugs

Threshold Stackable Mug



While you can always use pencil holders to store your brushes, mugs are great for things like lipsticks. Because mugs are often shorter than a pencil holder, bullet lipsticks and even shorter liquid lips fit perfectly inside them. Plus, there are so many adorable options.

Kendra Atkins on YouTube

7. Office Drawer Organizers

Room Essentials 3 Compartment Drawer Organizer



Just because an item is listed in the office section, doesn’t mean it can only have one use. That’s totally the case with drawer organizers. Sure, they were probably meant for gym clips and staples, but they also happen to fit blushes gorgeously.

Zoella on YouTube

If you’re looking to organize your makeup collection and want to use some out of the box storage ideas, these 7 makeup organizing hacks about to make your life so much easier.

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